Dieting and food go hand in hand. We need to have good food in order to take a diet which is good for us. Dieting means to have the right kind of food with all the ingredients present in sufficient quantity and not missing the essential food.The quality of food taken plays an important role in dieting. Dieting could be difficult if you do not enjoy the food you take.

Some of the best foods which are perfect for dieting

  • Low-calories snacks: Most of us buy chips and cakes which are more than 100 calorie pack. These are a definite no for people who want to shed their weight. Ideally one needs to look for eatables which offer -if not all some of the nutritional benefits. This type of food would contain 2-3 grams of fat, 130-140 grams of sodium, about 14-15 grams of sugar, should be made of whole grain and about 3 grams fiber, not to forget protein which not go more than 7 grams.
  • Low-fat Dairy products: Curd, milk, cheese and cream are now available in a much lower fat which offer nutrients along with a good taste.
  • Diet desserts: If calories are low then desserts can be a part of any weight loss program. In fact if you are outside you have the option of chewing a gum which is sugarless and you can even try a candy to fulfill your craving.
  • Flavoured Mustard along with vinegar: These things add flavour to your food without many calories. The list is big ranging from Dijon mustards to sherry vinegars. The best thing about these is that they can be a substitute for oil or butter in dishes.
  • Liquids for cooking: Wines add great taste to soups and sauces. Nowadays stocks made of chicken, beef and fish comes in varieties which are fat free and they add good flavours.
  • Frozen Foods: This is another category of food which is perfect for dieters. Moreover these are preferred as they are easy and quick to prepare. If one likes frozen food than he should look for the composition of 300 calories, about 500mg of sodium, 5 gm of fibre and about 5 gm of fat.
  • Cereals: Studies have shown that it is always good to have breakfast and not to skip it. Please who take breakfast loose better weight. One should look for cereal containing sugar and protein with limited sugar. An ideal example is oatmeal.
  • Proteins which are considered lean: This is a necessary for people who are non-vegetarian as this gives them a feeling of content and satisfaction. This includes egg, poultry and fish. One should avoid red meat and go for white meat.
  • Fruits: The best thing about fruit is that they fill your appetite apart from being low in calories. Moreover they have disease fighting nutrients.
  • Vegetables: A proper combination of green vegetables, leaf and boiled beetroot gives you a perfect blend required for dieting. Roasted sweet potatoes are also a good option for dieters.

Thus we see that if one takes proper diet by including these foods in the diet the health would be perfect in no time.